Monday, July 21, 2008

Satellite Exploration of Thailand

As I am always looking for new sources of information around the administrative entities, I am often checking if Google finds anything interesting. The website searches for terms like amphoe or tambon are already polluted with spam websites for hotels and such (yet luckily this blog is still in the top 20), but the image search now led me to a great new project.

Shinji Saito from Japan is apparently writing a kind of an online book comparing different maps and various satellite photography of Thailand. Named Satellite Exploration of Thailand it currently consists of three parts - a general introduction, a description of the many sources of maps and satellite images, and then finally several areas in a detailed study. Due to the current politics the most interesting one is of course the boundary area at Khao Phra Viharn. And there are also further areas he is still working one where one can already see his drafts.

That site is now in my bookmarks, and after reading it completely I will continue to monitor it for updates.

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