Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Digest of administrative changes in 2008

As the year ends soon and everyone is doing year-end retrospectives, I also join in and just like last year post a digest of the changes with respect of the administrative entities in 2008. While it was a very turbulent year in Thai politics - four different governments, the silent coup by the military not following the government, and of course all the damage done by the airport blockade. But for the actual topic of this blog not that much happened, only few things were announced in the Royal Gazette this year, most of the changes were municipal changes which so far were only published in the meeting transcripts and still wait for the official publication.

I am listing the changes by the type of entity affected instead of the chronological way these were already announced in this blog over the year.
  • Villages: The renaming of seven villages were announced.
  • Municipalities:

    • Three TAO upgrades to municipalities were announced.
    • One municipality area change was announced
  • Subdistrict: For announcements with refined definition of boundaries were published.
Not published were the most of the changes for the municipalities. The numbers I posted before already are for the fiscal year however, which begins October 1.
  • 339 TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities
  • 2 TAO upgraded to town
  • 9 subdistrict municipalities upgraded to town
  • 5 municipalities were renamed
  • 26 TAO were renamed while being upgraded to municipality
Happy new year 2552...

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