Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Tambon created twice

I have come across a second subdistrict which seems to be created twice, this time in Sakon Nakhon. The subdistrict Tan Noeng Mai (ตำบลตาลเนิ้งใหม่) in Sawang Daen Din district was first created in 1959 by splitting off nine villages from Tan Noeng (Gazette). However, in 1970 another subdistrict with the same name was created, this time with eight villages from Tan Noeng (Gazette). But I haven't found any announcement in which that subdistrict was abolished in its first 10 years. I am not sure if the two subdistricts covered roughly the same area, as the villages were not named in the announcements, only their numbers given.

The website on this subdistrict at ThaiTambon has only a few words on its history - ตั้งมาประมาณ 60 ปี, which means it was created about 60 years ago. And this is most likely wrong, I guess it refers to the subdistrict Tan Kon. This mistake probably originates in the fact that in 1973 the subdistrict Tan Noeng Mai was renamed to Tan Noeng, while the one previously named Tan Noeng since then is known as Tan Kon. (Gazette)

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