Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Highest number of Muban in a newly created subdistrict

In the subdistrict creation statistics, I mentioned that in average a newly created subdistrict (Tambon) has about 8 villages. There were only few with a much higher so far, for a long time the record number were 23 villages for Sap Samo Thot (ตำบลซับสมอทอด), Nong Phai district, Phetchabun province (Gazette), which was created in 1968. But now going further into the past one subdistrict with much more villages showed up - Phek Yai (ตำบลเพ็กใหญ่), Phon district, Khon Kaen (Gazette), created in 1949. This had no less than 32 villages split off from Mueang Phon subdistrict. Mueang Phon had at least 48 villages before this - still a bit away from the highest number of villages however.

As a sidenote - the PDF of this announcement is slightly broken, as the first page in the PDF is actually the last page of the announcement. Also, the village codes are quite difficult to read, unlike the newer announcements they are written much smaller, so I sometimes have to guess the number as it is hardly recognizable with the scan quality.

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