Monday, December 8, 2008

Highest number of Muban ever, Part 2

Earlier I noted that subdistrict Tak Fa in Nakhon Sawan had 52 muban. But I now know that wasn't the highest number ever, as I now came across a new record number.

In 1961, the subdistricts Sida and Phon Thong were split off from Kut Chok, Bua Yai district, Nakhon Ratchasima (Volume 78, Issue 52 ง, Page 1512-1518, published on June 27 1961). And the highest village number listed in the announcement is 57, which became village 11 of Sida. However this is not the same as the current village 11 of Sida, as when the subdistrict Nong Tat Yai was created in 1985, village 11 became village 1 of Nong Tat Yai. And it's even not sure that village 11 in 1985 was the same as village 11 in 1961, in case villages got reassigned from Sida the numbers may have changed in the time period. This is the problem with the geocodes for the muban...

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