Thursday, December 11, 2008

Local administrative unit changes in 2008

On the same page where I got lists of the TAO and municipalities before, there's now a PDF with the numbers of all the local administrative units, both for the whole country and also listed for each province, all as of August 15 2008. It also includes the whole list of municipal changes which happened in the last fiscal year. If I haven't done any mistakes, all those changes listed in concise way in this document should be listed in the postings at the thesabanupdates blog already, but of course I will go through all of the manually as well. While the first pages of the PDF are simply a scan, the list of changes can be copied and thus processed much more effectively.

The numbers of entities for the whole country are as follows - for comparison the corresponding list for last year is found here
  • PAO - 75 entities
  • Thesaban - 1619 entities
    • Thesaban Nakhon - 23 entities
    • Thesaban Mueang - 140 entities
    • Thesaban Tambon - 1456 entities
  • TAO - 6157 entities
  • Special Administrative Entities - 2 (Bangkok and Pattaya)
  • Total - 7853 entities
As for the changes in the last fiscal year, there are 9 subdistrict municipalities upgraded to towns, two TAO upgraded to towns, and 339 TAO to subdistrict municipalities. Also 5 municipalities changed name in the last fiscal year. Something not explained in the document - several of the upgrades are marked with an asterisk, and this probably means that additional with the upgrade the municipality was renamed as well.

As the PDF also includes the changes in two previous fiscal years, I have copied all of them into a spreadsheet.

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