Monday, February 18, 2008

Municipalities created in fiscal year 2549/2550

The webmaster of provided me with a link to a PDF with all the municipality (thesaban) creations which happened in the fiscal year 2549/2550, i.e. between October 1 2006 and September 30 2007. It also includes the up-to-date numbers of municipalities and TAO for each province, with the total numbers being the same as in the document published by DOPA. Also quite helpful - that document contains the dates when the creations (or upgrades, which are also listed) have been effective. So there was a big number of TAO upgraded to municipalities in September last year, which all have yet to be published in the Gazette.

The other documents linked on the webpage include Excel sheets with all the municipalities and TAO, for the TAO including the year it was established. This municipality list already helped me to find one entry in my list where I missed a rename, but there is still one oddity - the Excel sheet contains 1161 entities, at the end of 2007 it there should be 1276, but the above PDF contains 117 new, so there are two too many. Or maybe even three, as Phan Sao (พันเสา) in Phitsanulok was created on October 31 already within the new fiscal year, but the DOPA year-end statistic explicitly says December, but I guess they meant the fiscal year. So it seems two were already merged into another municipalities, but which? Just hope the Gazette will catch up soon with the announcements.

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