Thursday, February 21, 2008

Muak Lek district office

District office of Muak LekHere's another photo of a district office, this time the one of Muak Lek (มวกเหล็ก), in the east of Saraburi Province at the boundary to Nakhon Ratchasima. It is the same building I have chosen for the title bar of the blog, since it's both in the standard building style of district offices, and I simply like the photo - normally it always has cars parking in front of such buildings. According to a WinWord document from the website of Saraburi province, this office was opened on May 7 1970. There is nothing special about this building, except maybe the flower pots apparently sponsored by Siam City Cement company. Several cement plants are located in the district, including of course one from Siam Cement.

It was quite a coincidence that I could take that photo. We were on the way from one Vin de Ray (แวงเดอร์เรย์) winery to the Rabiang Ruea (ระเบียงเรือ) resort near Khao Yai National Park, and took one wrong turn which got us into the town Muak Lek itself. I got the chance to jump out of car for a quick photo, and then had to guide how to get back to Mittraphap highway - with a little luck I succeeded to do so even without having a map at hand.

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