Friday, February 1, 2008

New municipalities not yet announced?

In my 2007 digest I mentioned a WinWord file about the creation of 10 subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon). At that time I suspected those to be a draft of a forthcoming announcement in the Royal Gazette. I had previously seen a municipality creation gazetted one year after it was effective, but now I have searched a bit more it seems that file isn't the only one of its kind.

So far I have found the following four further such WinWord files containing upgrades of TAOs to municipalities.
  1. 2001: Krap Yai (กรับใหญ่), Wiang Mok (เวียงมอก), Khao Kaeo (เขาแก้ว), Dong Yen (ดงเย็น) and Chong Lom (ช่องลม)
  2. 2005: Ban Sing (บ้านสิงห์) and Phra Lao (พระเหลา)
  3. 2005: Mae Raeng (แม่แรง), Saen Suk (แสนสุข), Huai Pho (ห้วยโพธิ์) and Ta Chong (ตาจง)
  4. 2005: Makham Khu (มะขามคู่)
  5. and the previously mentioned on from 2007: Tha Chang (ท่าช้าง), Mae Hia (แม่เหียะ), Tha Sala (ท่าศาลา), Saraphi (สารภี), Khlong Khut (คลองขุด), Kut Prathai (กุดประทาย), Nikhom Sang Ton-eng Lam Dom Noi (นิคมสร้างตนเองลำโดมน้อย), Phosa (โพสะ), Wang Sombun (วังสมบูรณ์), Wang Sala (วังศาลา)
These municipalities are listed in the population statistics of the Department of Provincial Administration, and I have even seen an Gazette announcement on the change of constituency boundaries at one of these municipality. Either the announcements were issued in the Gazette under a totally different title than normally and I could not find them because of that, or for whatever reason these were not in the Gazette at all.

For one of the recent municipality creation, there's such a DOC file as well dating from 2006 - so it was written down in 2006, became effective in 2007 and was gazetted in 2008. Maybe I just have to wait until I see one of the above posted in the Royal Gazette, then my question will finally be answered. So at least those from 2007 are still to be expected, what happened to those from 2005 or even 2001 I don't know. But it seems to be not totally uncommon to have the official announcement long after the actual creation, for example the Pa Hin Ngam national park was announced in 2007 but created in 1994.

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nopphadon said...

District Sanitation established to Municipality by the provisions of the law.
Upgrade : to get something better than one
Establish : to change state, it isn’t to show that Municipality's state better than District Administrative Organization's state.