Monday, December 1, 2008

Outstanding district officer award

Today the governor of the Department of Local Administration (DOPA) will (or probably already has) given an award to several district officers (Nai Amphoe, นายอำเภอ). The award is named นายอำเภอของประชาชน, which translates to "district officer of the people" and is awarded annually.

The ceremony is presided by the Interior Minister Kowit Wattana (โกวิท วัฒนะ), which seem somewhat strange to me as I would think the Interior Minister, who is in charge of the police, would have much more urgent problems to solve right now than to give this award to his subordinates. Or is the government already so much humiliated that they just wait the party dissolution verdict tomorrow, or the birthday speech of HM the King, and use their last days in office for the more enjoyable tasks?

In total four district officers are awarded, one for each region.
  • Northern Thailand: Thongchai Toeti (นายธงชัย เตยะธิติ), Phichai district, Uttaradit province
  • Central Thailand: Phawat Loetmukda (นายภวัต เลิศมุกดา), Khlong Yai district, Trat province
  • Northeastern Thailand: Sarit Saisophon (นายสฤษดิ์ ไสยโสภณ), Nong Wua So district, Udon Thani province
  • Southern Thailand: Khwanchat Suphranan (นายขวัญชาติ วงศ์ศุภรานันท์), Thepha district, Songkhla province
Biographies and photos of these officers are on a special page which lists the winners for 13 regions, apparently those four awarded today were chosen among these 13 officers.


CG said...

Hi webmaster [sorry no time to look for accurate name ]

Could you be so kind as to email me the URL link of the department of administrative divisions about Thailand MUBAN or village index/list? I tried to follow your links to get to it - but maybe its because its in THAI. I am especially intereted in the Northern Thailand Muban list. My email is at

I would realy APPRECIATE it if you could HELP me in this regard.


Andy said...

The best I have are the Excel sheets from DOPA send to the local administrations for check the Muban names and add the locations. Note these lists only contain the Muban which have a village headman, those completely covered by city or town municipalities are omitted.