Friday, January 9, 2009

Administrative offices in Prachuap Khiri Khan

Province Hall
As the town Prachuap Khiri Khan itself is rather small, compared to the size of the province, the important administrative offices are all close to each other. I went there just once, taking the dinner break there on the road trip from Surat Thani back to Bangkok. As it was just a stopover and everyone already tired and wanting to be back home, I only had short time to take some photos.

City Pillar ShrineWhen entering the town, the provincial hall (Sala Klang) is hardly to be missed, a large building with a typical blue roof directly in the extension of the road. However the most important place I wanted to see was the city pillar shrine (Lak Mueang), which is located close by as well. The building style of the shrine is different from that in other provinces, as it is built in Khmer style modeled after the several Khmer temple ruins found especially in the northeast of Thailand. I don't know why this style was chosen as Prachuap Khiri Khan has no Khmer ruins.Sign at City Pillar Just speculating - when the province Prachuap Khiri Khan was created, the now Cambodian province Koh Kong located opposite the Gulf of Thailand was named Prachanta Khiri Khet, a kind of a sister province. Maybe someone who can read the sign to the right can shed a light on this.

Provincial court
The only other office I could take a photo was the provincial court (San Changwat), located directly opposite the road of the province hall. While I tried to walk little bit more to search, I sadly could not remember the exact location of the other two important ones - the district office of the Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan district and the municipality office of the town Prachuap Khiri Khan, so both have no photo yet. The PAO of Prachuap Khiri Khan seems to have a separate office, as I guess the one on the top banner is the office building. But I have no idea where it is located, I even cannot find a street address on that website.

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