Monday, November 17, 2008

Tambon creations in the 1980s

Unless there are announcements misfiled in the Royal Gazette database, I have now completed the processing of the subdistrict creations in the 1980s.

There are a total of 566 announcements, which cover 982 newly created subdistricts, so about 100 every year. Sorted by year the subdistrict announced are as follows:
  • 1989: 104 subdistricts in 51 announcements
  • 1988: 97 subdistricts in 53 announcements
  • 1987: 80 subdistricts in 33 announcements
  • 1986: 75 subdistricts in 128 announcements
  • 1985: 72 subdistricts in 24 announcements
  • 1984: 100 subdistricts in 53 announcements
  • 1983: 100 subdistricts in 83 announcements
  • 1982: 100 subdistricts in 73 announcements
  • 1981: 101 subdistricts in 61 announcements
  • 1980: 100 subdistricts in 60 announcements
The province in which most subdistricts were created is Buri Ram with 59. The highest number of muban in a newly created subdistrict was 16, which occured three times - Pa Sang (ตำบลป่าซาง), Dok Khamtai district, Phayao province; Pa O Don Chai (ตำบลป่าอ้อดอนชัย), Mueang Chiang Rai district, Chiang Rai province; Lat Phatthana (ตำบลลาดพัฒนา), Mueang Maha Sarakham district, Maha Sarakham province. In two cases a new subdistrict consisted of just two muban - Ko Phayam (ตำบลเกาะพยาม), Mueang Ranong district, Ranong and San Na Nong Mai (ตำบลส้านนาหนองใหม่), Wiang Sa district, Nan Province. As in the 1990s, the most common number of muban in a new subdistrict was 8, which is also close to the mean value of 7.3, with a standard deviation is 0.6.

Counting the number of parent subdistricts shows that in most cases it was just a single subdistrict which was split. I already listed the 4 subdistricts with 4 parents in detail earlier.
  • 1 parent - 920 times
  • 2 parents - 49 times
  • 3 parents - 8 times
  • 4 parents - 4 times
Now I have to turn to the 1970s, for which I have 414 announcements. However 264 of that I have already processed, the remaining are almost all from the Northeast (Isan) area. The 1980s was still relatively easy to identify the subdistricts, since they were almost always created in the same order as the geocodes, but as the geocode system was introduced in the early 1980s I now cannot work chronologically anymore. Especially in case a subdistrict was renamed but the announcement on the rename isn't in the Gazette database it becomes tricky. Once I am through with the 1970s I can probably also post a list of missing rename announcements...

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