Thursday, November 20, 2008

Abolish and recreation of Tambon

Similar to the strange announcement on the creation of an already existing subdistrict in Sakon Nakhon, I have now found another such example, this time in Chaiyaphum in 1965. And this time there are two announcements - the first one (Volume 82, Issue 73 ง, Page 2268) which transfers three muban from Non Khun, Khon San district to Nong Khon Thai, Phu Khiao district. And together with this transfer of villages, both subdistricts get abolished (ยุบตำบล), and in the second announcement (Volume 82, Issue 73 ง, Page 2263-2267) the same two subdistricts get created again. Unlike the earlier example, this time the second announcement also includes a renumbering of the villages of Non Khun.

The first announcement also seems to include the reason for this somewhat strange action - I did not notice such a long text in the Sakon Nakhon case. If my wife understood it right, after the transfer of the villages it'd have two subdistrict headmen (Kamnan, กำนัน) as well as subdistrict doctors (แพทย์ประจำตำบล) responsible for the same area, so to get rid of them their post gets nullified by abolishing the subdistrict itself. After the recreation of the subdistricts these posts then could be filled anew. The text says that the Kamnan was also the village headman (Phu Yai Ban, ผู้ใหญ่บ้าน) of one of the three villages taken from Non Khun.

And I found another similar case, as the same happened in Roi Et in 1967 as well. Both Bueng Ngam, Nong Phok district and Nam Kham, Suwannaphum lost one village to a neighboring district. But unlike the case in Chaiyaphum, that time the source subdistricts were abolished (Gazette) and recreated (Gazette), and not the subdistricts which then would have two headmen.

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