Thursday, November 13, 2008

Strange Tambon creation announcement

I came across a very strange Royal Gazette announcement while processing the subdistrict creations of Maha Sarakham province. The announcement, titled and written in absolutely the same style as the normal subdistrict announcements, seems to announce simply the status quo.

Published on October 26 1971 (Volume 88, Issue 113 ง, Page 3000-3003), the announcement seems to be on the creation of subdistrict Ku Thong (ตำบลกู่ทอง), Chiang Yuen district, Maha Sarakham. But, when seeing the table of muban which are set to comprise this subdistrict the strange fact shows. The table lists 10 muban and each line read
  • หมู่ที่ # โอนจาก หมู่ที่ # ตำบลกู่ทอง (เดิม)
Each of the 10 muban of the new subdistrict is taken from the old (เดิม) subdistrict with the same name. But that in fact means simply that the old subdistrict and the new one are literally the same.

The only thing which might explain this announcement is a second announcement with several new subdistrict, including two which take some territory from Ku Thong, effective one month before this announcement. So I can only guess that this announcement was about to clarify the boundaries of Ku Thong.

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