Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tambon creation from more than one parent Tambon

Another statistical fun with the subdistrict creations made possible with the processing of the Royal Gazette announcements into XML. In most cases, a newly created subdistrict (tambon) is created by splitting one subdistrict, so some of the muban of the parent subdistrict get reassigned to the new subdistrict. However, more rarely muban from two subdistricts are placed together to form the new subdistrict. The highest number of parent subdistricts I came across so far is four. In fact, the numbers are as follows:
  • 1 parent: 1887 times
  • 2 parents: 128 times
  • 3 parents: 32 times
  • 4 parents: 6 times
All of these five special cases originate from before 1990, and as it's just so few I list them in detail as well.
  1. Ku Santarat (ตำบลกู่สันตรัตน์), Na Dun district, Maha Sarakham province. Was created on August 10 1989 with one muban from Dong Bang, four from Nong Phai, three from Na Dun and one from Dong Yang. (Gazette)
  2. Ban Bua (ตำบลบ้านบัว), Kaset Sombun district, Chaiyaphum province. Was created on August 1 1986 with two muban from Sa Phon Thong, three from Nong Kha, two from Non Kok and one from Ban Yang. (Gazette)
  3. Nikhom Phatthana (ตำบลนิคมพัฒนา), Khukhan district, Si Sa Ket province. Was created on September 30 1985 with two muban from Prue Yai, one from Huai Nuea, three from Ta Ut and two from Huai Tai. (Gazette)
  4. Kham Wa (ตำบลคำหว้า), Tan Sum district, Ubon Ratchathani province. Was created on May 1 1981 with two muban from Tan Sum, one from Na Khai, two from Nong Kung and one from Samrong. (Gazette)
  5. Dan Chang (ตำบลด่านช้าง), Banphot Phisai district, Nakhon Sawan province. Was created on September 1 1970 with four muban from Ta Sang, one one from three from Bang Ta Ngai, Nong Krot and Nong Ta Ngu. (Gazette)
  6. Thai Nam (ตำบลท้ายน้ำ), Pho Thale district, Phichit province. Was created on March 13 1967 with two muban from Pho Thale, and one from Bang Lai, Bueng Na Rang and Thanong. (Gazette)

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