Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TAO classes

The Tambon (subdistrict) administrative organizations (TAO or SAO) are categorized into five classes depending on their income. I have found a list of these classes in the eBook "Planning and Implementing Local Infrastructure Works - Guidelines for Tambon Administrations" by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
Class Imore than 20 million Baht78 TAO
Class II12-20 million Baht65 TAO
Class III6-12 million Baht68 TAO
Class IV3-6 million Baht298 TAO
Class Vless than 3 million Baht5788 TAO
Sadly that table is not dated, but since that book dates from 2004 it must be by now quite outdated. And since so many of the TAO have been upgraded into subdistrict municipalities in the last two years, the top classes must be totally empty by now. On the other hand inflation or increased tax revenue might have upgraded several of the lowest class TAO into higher classes in the meantime as well. Also, the monetary level might have received adjustments in the meantime.

In the original transcripts on the municipal upgrades two monetary numbers are listed, but I am not sure if one of this refers to the income as in the above table. For example in the recent one on Hat Sai Ri in Chumphon it says
รายได้จริงไม่รวมเงินอุดหนุน 26.40 ล้านบาท รายจ่ายประจำ 5.94 ล้านบาท
If I read it right, the second one means the annual expenses of the TAO, in this case 5.94 million Baht. Thus if the 26.4 million Baht is the income, it'd mean this TAO was one of the top class. But I am not sure if only class one TAO are qualified to become municipalities, as I haven't checked any other of these numbers in the transcripts.

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