Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wrong Tambon numbers in preliminary census 2000 reports

For the census 2000, the National Statistical Office (NSO) among other documents published preliminary province reports compiled by the provincial statistical offices. They are only available through the Thai pages on the census 2000.

These files were very useful to extract the census population data for 1990 at the district level for almost all districts, only for the three provinces created in 1993 these numbers were no included. Sadly most of the text is in Thai only, even though they included an English table of contents. Also they include the numbers of (central administrative) subdivisions, i.e. the numbers of district, subdistricts and villages. Since I trusted this source a lot, I used these numbers without checking and among others added them into the Wikipedia articles on the provinces.

But now, when I was searching for one subdistrict which made my statistics deviate from the official number of 7255 subdistricts, I noticed that for 13 provinces these subdistrict numbers are wrong, while funnily the sum of 7254 was just off by one, so the mistakes nearly cancel out each other. The provinces affected are the following.

Ang Thong8173513513
Khon Kaen19819921392252
Nakhon Pathom105106919929
Nakhon Phanom979910401090
Nakhon Ratchasima29328934233599
Nakhon Si Thammarat16516914281509
Samut Songkhram3836284284
Udon Thani15515616821765

The scary thing - these wrong numbers stayed unchanged in Wikipedia ever since I added them in 2004, even in Thai Wikipedia they were never spotted to be mistaken. Of course I have fixed them now. The number of villages seem not that much mistaken, the difference between the numbers from the E-book village list as of 2003 mostly originates from the newly created villages in those three years.

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