Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Census 2010 countdown

The National Population and Housing Census 2010 (สำมะโนประชากรและเคหะ พ.ศ.2553) is coming closer. The reference date is July 1, hence in 113 days. The National Statistical Office (NSO) has set up a special portal site of this census, however sadly only in Thai so far, and it seems not all of the data links are working. From the FAQ I can already see the main difference between the census data and the population data as published by the Department of Provincial Administration - in the census all residents, including foreigner staying more than 3 month in country, will be counted at the location of the actual residence, whereas the DOPA statistics is according to the registration data - for example migrant workers are registered at their home village in the northeast, yet they live most of the year in the urban sprawl of Bangkok for work in a factory. So one should expect to see a much higher population for the urban centers in the census compared to the DOPA numbers. I haven't checked the content of that portal site in detail yet, but there will be further postings on the census for sure, at least when the data will come in.

The postage stamp show at the top of the posting has been issued in January already in commemoration of the census this year. The Royal Gazette announcement of this stamp however just came yesterday...

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