Thursday, March 12, 2009

2003 suggestion of district creation in Phitsanulok

Some time ago I listed several minor districts planned in Phitsanulok, but which apparently never were created. At least for one of these, Nakhon Bang Yang to be split off from Nakhon Luang, I could now find mentioned in the Royal Gazette as well.
The document is titled กระทู้ถามที่ ๖๕๕ ร. เรื่อง การแบ่งแยกและจัดตั้งอำเภอนครบางยาง ของ นายนคร มาฉิม สมาชิกสภาผู้แทนราษฎร (Petition No. 6555 ร. on splitting and setup of district Nakhon Bang Yang by Mr. Nakhon Machim, Member of Parliament), and was published in the Gazette on April 21 2003, however the petition dated from March 14 2002 already.

What I can make out of document for sure is the list of subdistrict which were supposed to form the new district - Ban Yaeng (บ้านแยง) and Huai Hia (ห้วยเฮี้ย). But what seems to be even more interesting is the second part of the document, which seems to be the reply of the Ministry of Interior, and contains the rules for setting up a minor district or district, or upgrade a minor district to a full district.
  • A minor district needs a population of 30,000, or alternatively 5 subdistricts. It also needs the approval of the Tambon Council (TC) or Tambon Administrative Organizations (TAO) concerned, the head of the administration of the district and the province and the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO).
  • Alternatively a population of 15,000 or 4 subdistricts, the approval of the parties concerned and additionally the new district office must be more than 25 kilometers away from the old one.
  • A minor district can be upgraded to a full district once it has been existing for 5 years; or for 3 years and has the administrative necessity of an upgrade, and at least 30,000 citizens. Additionally, it needs the approval of the head of the provincial administration and the PAO.
The rules for creation a minor district I had found before, the rules when a minor district is qualified for an upgrade was new to me. But even more interesting is the following part, which answers why there were (almost) no new districts or subdistricts since 1997. Since this is so interested and this posting already long this will be covered in a forthcoming posting.

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