Friday, March 13, 2009

Province governor reshuffle - Update

After adding the newly assigned province governors into my XMLs I noticed that I wrote partial nonsense on Wednesday. I should have been more alert when noticing that the name mentioned in Bangkok Post did not correlate with the name of the governor as I knew it, because Bangkok Post in fact mixed up Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

So, to clean it up - the governor of Chiang Rai was Traisit Sinsombunthong (ไตรสิทธิ์ สินสมบูรณ์ทอง), and he was replaced by Sumet Saengnimnuan (สุเมธ แสงนิ่มนวล). So his removal was not linked with the demonstration in Chiang Mai, only to his administration style (if believing the official version) or his relation with the former PPP leadership as one can easily suspect. But also the governor of Chiang Mai has changed - Wibun Sa-nguanphong (วิบูลย์ สงวนพงศ์) replaced by Amonphan Nimanan (อมรพันธุ์ นิมานันท์), previously governor in Lampang. Here it has no word in the English press whether this change has anything to do with the January protests during Chuan Leekpai's visit.

While it is still accessible, take a look the report and presentation "Thailand and its CEO development system". It was written by Trisit when he was still vice governor of Uthai Thani, and as it is hosted at the website of Chiang Rai province it may get removed with the next website update, together with his blog.

And while working on the XMLs, I got the idea to automate the parsing of the governor list, especially to directly find those provinces where the governor has changed.

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