Friday, April 22, 2011

Montone Puket - Part II

Whereas the first extract from the 1906 text on Monthon Phuket listed the provinces with their etymology, the following part describes the provincial towns, as well as gives the census data for the area.
Ranong town is divided into four sections and contains a population of about 1,200 souls, mostly Siamese and Chinese. Many of the buildings are tolerably good, many are frail. There is a good court-house building, and the jail is a good brick building, which with its surroundings is kept in most excellent condition. The buildings used for government purposes are all that is desirable. There is a school here well conducted. Many good roads are here kept up.
Takuapa is largely of brick buildings, in fair condition, with much need for more lime as white-wash, and more cleanliness. Here are some good roads, and good well water, with a fine spring flowing from the side of a mountain near by.
Puket has fine government buildings. The roads and city are being improved a good deal. The city has a good market, and the main road is lined on both sides with good substantial brick buildings. There has been here much advance in improvements, for which his Excellency the High Commissioner deserves much credit. Population about 10,000.
Phangnga has good roads, is a brick town and is well kept.
Krabee is well kept, but its buildings are of a frail nature.
Trang town is a comparatively new city, it having been moved from the old site. It has many excellent roads, fine public buildings, a good school-house and clean quarters for prisoners. The High Commissioner is entitled to much credit for improvements and good order here. It should be said also that the steam-boat landing is well kept. Indeed throughout this province are many miles of fine roads.
I should like to add here that in visiting all these and other places in this Montone our treatment and entertainment have always been all that culd be desired, and frequently more than could be expected.
We now come to speak of the inhabitants of this Montone. According to the Bangkok Times of December 11th, 1905, the population of the Montone Puket is 178,599. This is the official census for the year. This census makes the number of Malays 34,903 and Chinese 32,408. Now say the various people aside from those named and the Siamese are 10,000, then there are some 101,288 Siamese in the Montone. A total of 178,599. [...]

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