Friday, April 8, 2011

District officer reshuffle in the making

Apparently in preparation for the forthcoming national elections, the Ministry of Interior is hastening the next district officer reshuffle. As Bangkok Post reports
The Interior Ministry's move to hasten the selection of 95 district chiefs before the election will help Bhumjaithai Party at the polls, observers say.
District chiefs play a key role in elections and could help swing things the party's way, a ministry source said. The ministry is supervised by Bhumjaithai.
The Election Commission assigns district chiefs as election directors in their districts.
The list of the district chiefs is now expected to be endorsed by the end of the month.
The last district officer transfer I know about was in January 2010. I don't know why there is no fixed date for this kind of transfer, unlike the province governors which are (normally) reshuffled effective October 1st.

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