Monday, April 11, 2011

Corruption in TAO offices

The Nation had a very interesting article recently titled Tambon chief backs more roles for local people, which is kind of an interview with Bamrung Kayotha (บำรุง คะโยธา), TAO mayor of Sai Na Wang (and not Saphan Wah as claimed by The Nation) in Kalasin province.
Corruption after recent TAO elections involved using the budget to construct an asphalt road on top of a smooth reinforced concrete road only 12 months after it was built so that these representatives would get a cut from the construction firm. There is also corruption in the deals for local school milk, with about Bt10 satang per pack being siphoned off to the TAO chief. Another area of corruption is the purchase of a garbage truck, which is not really needed for a small community.
Another point he raises is something I also noticed previously
Many TAOs also like to have an elaborate office to boost the ego of the TAO chief, Bamrung said. Corruption is encouraged by undertaking expensive construction work, he said, while adding that his TAO office is arguably the most modest in the Kingdom, being just a one-storey wooden structure.

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Ian said...

After spending years in both the first world, and the 3rd (and 2nd), I believe that both have high levels of corruption. It is just that in the 1st world it is better disguised.