Monday, April 25, 2011

Bueng Kan news

Four different news published in the last few days on various steps in making the new province Bueng Kan working.
  • The postal code is officially set to 38000, as expected before. It was announced in the ministerial order มท 0211.4/ว 1276. A PDF of this order I found however only states the code for the province, not the codes within the province.
  • The Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) of Nong Khai in its third session of this year has discussed the transfer of budget, funds and debt to the to be established PAO of Bueng Kan (Source: Manager).
  • As mentioned here before, the initial provincial slogan will be taken over from Bueng Kan district, whether it will be kept will be discussed with the seven districts (Source: Thairath).
  • Finally, the Election Commission has finished to draw the constituencies for the forthcoming election, splitting Bueng Kan into two constituencies - Constituency One will cover the districts Mueang Bueng Kan, So Phisai, Pak Khad and Bung Kla, Constituency Two the districts Seka, Phon Charoen, Si Wilai and Bueng Khong Long. I will cover it when it is published in the Royal Gazette, but you can find the whole list already at Manager.

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