Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Le gouvernement local en Thaïlande

The National Library of Australia has quite a good collection of books on the administration of Thailand, quite often I found that a book I thought interesting is available in there - too bad that means on the other side of the globe for me. What is quite nice is that their catalog allows to subscribe to RSS feeds, so I now easily find whenever they acquire a new book in that section.

The latest new entry was a French language book "Le gouvernement local en Thaïlande" by Malai Huvanandana and John W. Ryan from 1958, published by UNESCO. Just for fun I fed that title and author into Google, and voilà, I not only found its entry at UNESCOs library, but there it even has a PDF with the full 28 page publication.

Only problem - I don't speak French. I can only grasp the general content by guessing those words which look similar to those I learned in Latin in school, and since it is a scanned PDF I cannot copy-and-paste it into Google Translate neither. On the first page it says "Traduit de l'anglais" (translated from English), but apparently and sadly the English original was never published. So I am quite limited in what I can extract out of this document.

By the way, the author Malai Huvanandana (มาลัย หุวะนันท์) is also an interesting person. In 1958 he was director of the Institute of Public Administration at the Thammasat University (now part of the National Institute of Development Administration), 1972-73 he was Deputy Minister of Interior.

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