Friday, December 3, 2010

Provincial slogan for Bueng Kan

In a Thai blog I found one posting about the forthcoming Bueng Kan province, which started with the slogan of the province. As the province isn't yet created I am of course wondering if this slogan is already official - and actually, who creates these slogans anyway. For the symbols of the provinces I only guess that the emblems or seals are created by the Fine Arts Department, as that one also published books about them; I vaguely remember to have read that one tree was bestowed to a province by HM the Queen, but which agencies are actually responsible to assign slogan, tree, flower, emblem and flag to a province is something I yet have to find out.

But anyway, I found the same slogan also in the forum of mybungkan, so it seems it is rather sure to be the correct one. A closer look at it shows the first part is (almost) identical with the slogan of the district Bueng Kan - only that one has an additional "ศาล" after "นาง" in the very first sentence. Hopefully my translation is not too far from the real meaning.
สองนางศักดิ์สิทธิ์ อิทธิฤทธิ์หลวงพ่อใหญ่
แหลงน้ำใสหนองกุดทิง สุดใหญ่ยิ่งแข่งเรือยาว
หาดทรายขาวเป็นสง่า น่าทัศนาแก่งอาฮง
งามน้ำโขงที่บึงกาฬ สุขสำราญที่ได้ยล

Two blessed women, magical Luang Po Yai
Clean water resource Nong Kut Thing, greatest boat race
White sand is majestic, worth viewing A Hong cataract
Beautiful Mekong at Bueng Kan, really delightful

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