Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Old province hall of Ubon Ratchathani
Photo by Isantraveller
Isantraveller visit the Ubon Ratchathani National Museum, which is located in the historic province hall. That building, located right next to the city pillar shrine, was in use 1918 to 1968, until it was replaced with a new larger building close-by. The pages of the Fine Arts Department on this museum don't add much to the posting.

Though I haven't yet made it t Ubon Ratchathani myself - I only been to the Northeast once, and just made it to Phimai - I have created a small map with the main administrative buildings of the city. But since they are all located rather close together it's hard to miss any of them anyway.

View Ubon Ratchathani administration in a larger map

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Lawrence said...

Your map of government buildings is useful, Andy. But note that the Sala Kang was burnt down b redshirts, so right now they are in temporary accommodation within the same compound. And the Governor at the time was transferred.

Thanks for the link.