Monday, September 13, 2010

Postal codes for Bueng Kan

According to a posting of Wisarut in the 2bangkok forum, the postal codes for the new province Bueng Kan are already defined. Though actually, they are just simply the same as the old postal codes from Nong Khai, with the initial province codes exchanged. Only the postal code for Bueng Kan district itself will change more, as the central postal district has 000 has the final three digits.

Bueng Kanบึงกาฬ4314038000
So Phisaiโซ่พิสัย4317038170
Bueng Khong Longบึงโขงหลง4322038220
Bung Klaบุ่งคล้า43140380001
Pak Khatปากคาด4319038190
Phon Charoenพรเจริญ4318038180
Si Wilaiศรีวิไล4321038210
1 may become 38110 if a separated Post Office is needed

That Bueng Kan province will receive 38 both for the postal code as well as for the TIS1099 geocode I already mentioned before, so it is no surprise at all.

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