Thursday, October 15, 2009

Village headman award

Published on October 6 was an announcement by the Department of provincial administration (DOPA) on an award for the subdistrict headmen, village headmen and assistant village headmen. A total of 58 officials from 20 provinces did get awarded for the month of September.

As the the title of the announcement already suggests, this award is given out several times in the year, and I have found three further ones from this year - in February 35 officials from 14 provinces, in March/April 114 officials in 23 province, and in May 40 officials from 17 provinces.

The actual list of the awardees for this time is in a separate PDF file, and since it is a scan of a document I cannot copy and paste its contents easily. So I only list the provinces which have an awardee this time - Kanchanaburi, Chanthaburi, Chiang Rai, Tak, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Nan, Phang Nga, Phetchaburi, Phrae, Roi Et, Ratchaburi, Rayong, Lopburi, Lamphun, Samut Songkhram, Sa Kaeo, Suphanburi, Surat Thani and Surin.

In order to get an idea what were the achievements which made these officials receive the award, I have tried to looked into the one official from Surat Thani. Phisan Klangrak (นายพิศาล กลางรักษ์), village headman of Ban Huai Rian (บ้านห้วยเรียน), village 6 of Sawait subdistrict, Tha Chang district was awarded with the following rationale
ร่วมกับเจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจ สภ.เสรียด ได้นำหมายศาลไปขอตรวจค้นบ้านต้องสงสัยพบของกลาง ปืนลูกชองชี่งมีไว้ในครอบครองโดยผิดกฏหนายTogether with police officer of Sawiat station brought search warrants to find illegal firearms
Not sure if I typed and translated it completely right, but the meaning should be clear.

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