Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mayor elections in Chiang Mai

Courts disqualifying politicians becomes quite a regular thing in Thailand, not only members of parliament, senators or whole parties are disqualified in Bangkok, also local government leaders now often get removed from office in that way. Of those reported here it was the governor of Bangkok who resigned just after his re-election and before court could issue such a demand or the PAO chairman in Surat Thani who then stumbled upwards to become a member of parliament.

Another one I just noticed today was the mayor of Chiang Mai city municipality (เทศบาลนครเชียงใหม่) when reading the results of the election help on October 4. The previous mayor, Duantemduang na Chiang Mai, had to resign after in April a court ruled that she wasn't eligible for election in 2007 because she did not reside long enough in the city. Actually, she did reside there, but the court interpreted the law in such a way that she was required to own a house, the tax receipts were not enough to proof her residence. After some confusion the new elections were finally held last Sunday, and Duantemduang did run again for the post - but not successfully, she only got on 3rd position with just 11.8% of the valid non-abstain votes. The official results as of October 6 are as follows:
1ร้อยเอกหญิงเดือนเต็มดวง ณ เชียงใหม่Duantemduang na Chiang Mai6958 11.8%
2นายทัศนัย บูรณุปกรณ์Tassanai Buranupakorn2438441.4%
3นายเพทาย เตโชฬารPetai Techolan17473.0%
4นายวัลลภ แซ่เตี๋ยวWanlop Saetiao54659.3%
5นายวิชัย วงศ์ไชยWichai Wongchai13542.3%
6นายพรชัย จิตรนวเสถียรPhonchai Chitnawasathian55249.4%
7นางวิภาวัลย์ วรพุฒิพงค์Wipawan Woraputthipong1319722.4%
8นางอารีย์ อุดมศิริธำรงAri Udomsirithamrong610.1%
9นายบารมี พจนามธุรสBarami Photchana540.1%
10นายเทพโยธินฐ ไชยรัตน์Thepyothin Chairat1490.3%

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