Thursday, October 1, 2009

Subdistrict area change in Bang Khae, Bangkok

Among the creations of new subdistricts in Bangkok was one announcement which only changed the outline of the subdistricts without splitting off a new one. In Bang Khae district (บางแค) the boundaries of the three subdistricts were adjusted. The (Gazette) announcement includes a map with the new boundaries, and at the creation of Bang Khae in 1997 the subdistricts boundaries were also defined and displayed on a map (Gazette), so it is possible to compare the two maps and see the changes. I have done an approximate map with Google Maps - whereas the new boundaries are easy as the follow the main roads Phetkasem and Kanchanaphisek and the Khlong Bang Waek, the old boundary of Lak Song subdistrict was not that easy to identify and therefore my map is probably not fully accurate.

The change of boundaries is actually the change of outline of this subdistrict Lak Song, which previously covered the southwestern corner of Bang Khae. The area north of Phetkasem came to Bang Khae Nuea, whereas the area west of Kanchanaphisek road previously belonging to Bang Khae came to Lak Song.

View Khwaeng Bang Khae 2009 in a larger map

As that 1997 map is the oldest I don't know if or how the outline of the subdistricts was changed at that time, the Wikipedia article suggests there were changes at that time as well.

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