Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Collection of administrative office locations

For some time already I have added the geographical locations of the administrative into the XML files of my Tambon coding project. Now I have programmed a simple conversion of these XMLs wit locations into a KML file used in Google Earth, so I can easily display all the coordinates I have collected already.

In the map below is always the current version, which at the time of writing includes
  • Province halls (blue marker), 65 out of 75
  • District offices (green marker), 591 out of 927 (including those in Bangkok)
  • PAO offices (red marker), 10 out of 75
  • TAO (white marker), 74 out of 2105
  • Municipalities (yellow marker), 99 out of 5671

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The placemarks right now have no contents except the coordinates, unlike the one from an earlier experiment where I embedded photos and Wikipedia links, but for now I have concentrated on the essential things.

Quite obviously the coordinates are for from complete - for the district offices I have locations for all and only omitted those where Google Earth has no hires data yet to verify the accurate location. But especially for the municipalities and TAO these are quite difficult to find - some are from WikiMapia, for Samut Prakan Richard Barrow collected a few, rarely the website of the local government unit has a decent map which allows the identification in Google Earth.

So I can only call everyone interested to help making this collection more complete. You can send me any addition or correction by email, or if you have a lot and don't mind the XML editing you can join in the coding project and edit the XML yourself.


John Francis Lee said...

This is really great stuff!

Three of the four locations here in Amphoe Mueang Chiangrai are right on. The yellow Tambol balloon is a little too far east. It's pointing at CVK School's swimming pool, or close.

That block is bounded by Thanon Trairat on the east and Thanon Ngammueang on the west; by Thanon Uttarakit on the north and Thanon Thanalai on the south.

The yellow balloon is in the northeast quadrant of the block and should be in the northwest.

The Tambol office is on the corner of Ngammueang and Uttarakit. It's actually in two buildings now, one on either side of Uttarakit, and each building site fronts on both Ngammueang and Uttarakit.

If you look at the satellite map you can see cars in the parking lot in front of the old Tambol building on the south side of Uttarakit.

This is a very impressive achievement... done from Germany! Right? Wunderbar!

Andy said...

Thanks, fixed - I thought the municipality has a more representative office, but seems I instead picked one of the school buildings. If you spot more, best give me the corrected coordinates instead of describing the location, in this case 19.9092 N 99.8268 E.

John Francis Lee said...

I don't have a satellite gizmo. How shall I come up with the corrected coordinates?

Andy said...

A GPS receiver is of course best because then you could even pinpoint places where it has no hires satellite imaginary in Google yet. But the easiest way is: Start Google Earth, click the "Add Placemark" button and move it till it points on the building, and then numbers in the Latitude and Longitude edit fields.

John Francis Lee said...

I discovered that if I go to a point on your map, right click, then choose "what's here" from the resulting menu, then the spot I clicked upon becomes a green arrow, and google puts a red balloon over some nearby spot it can identify, a road, for instance.

At this point there is a hide/unhide bar at the bottom of the left hand panel where the list of all the place markers is, and unhiding it shows the co-ordinates of the spot the green arrow is pointing to.

My house is at (19.90681, 99.831073), more or less perhaps with more precision than accuracy, in the heart of the farang ghetto.