Friday, October 23, 2009

2nd birthday of blog

This blog now exists for two years, and again my worrying that I would run out of topics was strongly rebutted. In fact, I currently have so many topics that I have pre-written postings for two months, only leaving spaces for the current news like fresh announcements in the Royal Gazette. And of course a big number of postings thanks to the many new municipalities, in contrast to what I expected for this year, helped to enable me to write a posting every day, I even had to post some on the weekend to reduce the queue.

Whereas the Google hits have more-or-less stagnated at 650 a month in the last year, the number of readers using the RSS feed (or subscribing by email) reached a maximum of 100 subscribers according to feedburner which is way beyond what I expected before for such a technical and obscure topic. Though I guess most of my readers aren't as deep into the topic as myself, I can only repeat my invitation from the last birthday posting of using the comment function to interact, even if only to thank me for presenting something not found in the non-Thai web beforehand.

But it's of course not that I get no feedback at all, and I even got into contact with a few interesting people by this blog already, like an academic working with the Thai census data who could use the tabular data collected in the spreadsheet very well. In return, her questions let me look once again through the geocodes used in the past censuses and notice new facts I previously overlooked.


Born2Serf said...

Happy Birthday! You have chosen a unique blog subject and are doing the subject proud!

Danish Dave said...

Congratulation with the 2 candles in the cake. I hope for many more in the future :)

BangkokDan said...

Congrats Andy, especially appreciate your Thailand Voice, excellent.

You got much dedication, the essence of it all, and clearly love the place.

Funny thing that your blog, Talen's and my own were all started in October 2007 two years ago.

BangkokDan said...

Wanted to clarify:

Appreciate as well the site Thailand Voice for pinpointing such excellent blogs and posts such as yours.

Must be the heat.