Sunday, October 25, 2009

Municipal decisions for August 3 2009

Meeting number 34 of board 1 from August 3 2009 with 2 TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities.
  • Bua Khao, Kuchinarai district, Kalasin province, effective on July 31 2009, upgraded and renamed to Kuchinarai (เทศบาลตำบลกุฉินารายณ์), to avoid confusion with the municipality Bua Khao (เทศบาลตำบลบัวขาว). The TAO was created in 1996, covers 67 km², 16 villages and 7,979 citizen.
  • Kut Khao (เทศบาลตำบลกุดค้าว), Kuchinarai district, Kalasin province, effective July 31 2009. The TAO was created in 1996, covers 18.50 km², 8 villages and 4,155 citizen.


Michael Brückner said...

Am I right that in the German WP on Tambon Bua Khao has to be changed to Kuchinarai?

Any idea, why the population there is different to yours, e.g. Kut Khao? HDamm posted the article after the DOPA change in July?

You're doing a great job, btw.

Andy said...

The population number in these postings are those directly from the meeting transcripts. I have no idea what is the actual source and year for those numbers - the DOPA statistics for 2008 lists 8,478. Don't be confused with the numbers in Wikipedia, those 20,000 are the population in the whole Tambon, which includes the Thesaban Tambon Bua Khao as well.

Right now only the Amphoe articles on the Thai Wikipedia are really up to date with the local government entities, both on the English and the German WP the lists for most Amphoe are about two years old, before the massive upgrade of the TAO started.