Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tambon area clarification in Sapphaya, Chainat

Published on April 16 was the redefinition of the subdistrict boundaries in Sapphaya district (อำเภอสรรพยา), Chainat province. As usual for this kind of announcements, this one includes the lists of all the administrative villages within the district.
IndexName of Subdistrictชื่อตำบลMuban
3.Khao Kaeoเขาแก้ว6
4.Pho Nang Dam Tokโพนางดำตก6
5.Pho Nang Dam Okโพนางดำออก8
6.Bang Luangบางหลวง7
7.Hat Asaหาดอาษา9
So in total another 55 village names added to my XMLs.

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