Thursday, May 7, 2009

Province governor reshuffle again

Yesterday the cabinet approved a provincial governor reshuffle proposed by the Ministry of the Interior. The news reports only focus on the fact that Chonburi governor Suraphon Phongthatsirikun got transferred to the less prestigious province Chachoengsao as a punishment for the security failures at the ASEAN+3 and ASEAN+6 summit in Pattaya which allowed the red shirts to break into the summit hotel.

Bangkok Post writes more on the past events than the transfer, National News Bureau of Thailand mentions that the governor of Phrae is also involved in this reshuffle, and The Nation in their breaking news even has the name wrong but in the actual article they fixed it and included several more reassignments.

As listed by the Nation that more governors were reshuffled than just the ones of Chonburi and Chachoengsao. I could find the full list in the transcript of the cabinet meeting (item 10):
  1. Wirawit Wiwattanawanit (วีรวิทย์ วิวัฒนวานิช) transferred from Chachoengsao to Nan
  2. Suraphon Phongthatsirikun (สุรพล พงษ์ทัดศิริกุล) from Chonburi to Chachoengsao
  3. Seni Chittakasem (เสนีย์ จิตตเกษม) from Sisaket to Chonburi
  4. Somsak Suwansutcharit (สมศักดิ์ สุวรรณสุจริต) depart as governor of Nan
  5. Rapi Pongbupkit (ระพี ผ่องบุพกิจ) former vice-governor of Uthai Thani new governor of Sisaket
  6. Phongsak Plaiwet (พงษ์ศักดิ์ พลายเวช) transferred from governor of Phrae to a post in the Ministry of Interior
  7. Wanlop Pringpong (วัลลภ พริ้งพงษ์) from a post in MOI to become governor of Phrae

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