Wednesday, May 6, 2009

District museum brochures

When I visited the district museum of Bangkok Noi before, the only brochure they could give me was a small flyer which just contained the location of three further museums. So it was a big surprise that after visiting the district museum of Thawi Watthana the guide gave us a small booklet. 28 pages in A5 format, fully colored and well designed. Just the only thing bad is the fact it's only in Thai. The not only show the exhibits in the museum and repeat the explanations already seen in the museum, but also include a map and sometimes even go beyond the things on display and are more a brochure on the district than on the museum.

These brochures were the additional motivation which made me visit several more district museums, to collect as many of these brochures as possible. I only collected seven (plus one on the whole local museum project), the attempt to ask the Bangkok Tourist Office by eMail for a way to get the whole set had the same fate as most of my contact attempts. Clearly not the reaction I expected for tourist office of a country which should work hard to attract the tourists scared away by the political struggles. But if anyone else can help me to collect more of these brochure feel free to contact me...

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