Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip in review

I am back now from Thailand, and as usual by far not all of the plans made before turned out to be possible, but then on the other hand many other interesting things happened instead. So in order to give an idea what might be the contents of this blog for the next months, here a small list of the new input.
  • Though I haven't found any new book specific to the topic of the blog, there will be some excerpts from a German travel report from 1899. I discovered a reprint from 1986 at the National Book Fair.
  • This trip was the most successful ever in taking photographs of the offices of the various administrative entities - province halls, districts offices, municipality and TAO offices, and also some city pillar shrines. So a lot of content for illustrated postings on these places.
  • I had planned to visit more of the district museums in Bangkok, and this year I did a total of six new ones. Each interesting in itself, and also quite some new information on the whole project, so expect several posts on this.
  • Instead of the Siam Flag museum we visited the House of Museums in Thawi Watthana.
An observation: I haven't seen a single car having a license plate with the provincial graphics, though I have seen some cars which much have gotten their license in an auction and thus would have been eligible for such a car sign.

And of course, there are also several new places which will get featured in my travel blog. But those I won't tell you before, so it'll be a surprise to my readers which sites I will write about.

There were not many things in the Royal Gazette during the last four weeks regarding my topics, only one announcement of the same kind I have reported here before, and three constituency definitions of municipalities. There haven't been any new transcripts with the municipality upgrades for quite some time now, the latest one is still from the end of November. Once these get updated there'll be lots of posts on the municipalities again.

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