Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New district museums

Visiting the district museum of Thawi Watthana, we got a nice brochure which among other things includes a list of all the district museums. In my last post on these museums I had listed 20 museums, the brochure lists a total of 27 museums. Those not mentioned previously are
  • Bang Khen (บางเขน), in Building 18 of Phranakhon Rajabhat University (มรภ พระนคร อาคาร ๑๘)
  • Don Mueang (ดอนเมือง), in the temple Wat Phrom Rang Si (วัดพรหมรังษี)
  • Suan Luang (สวนหลวง), in the Sala Mai Sak Rian Thai (ศาลาไม้สักเรือนไทย) of Wat Tai (วัดใต้)
  • Khan Na Yao (คันนายาว), in the temple Wat Bun Si Munikan (วัดบุญศรีมุนีกรณ์, however in Google Maps spelled วัดบุญศรีมณีกรณ์)
  • Lat Krabang (ลาดกระบัง), in the temple Wat Sutthaphot (วัดสุทธาโภชน์)
  • Wang Thonglang (วังทองหลาง), within the Chao Phraya Bodindecha Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์เจ้าพระยาบดินทรเดชา or สิงห์ สิงหเสนี)
  • Nong Chok (หนองจอก), Museum Building in 76 Provinces Royal Auspicious Trees Park (อาคารพิพิธภัณฑ์ บริเวณสวนไม้มงคลพระราชทาน 76 จังหวัด)
Also, the one of Samphanthawong was moved to the Wat Pathum Kongka School, as the space within Wat Traimit became a new Chinatown Heritage Museum. I have added them all to the map below, except Nong Chok as I cannot find the location on this park in any of my maps. And at least the one of Suan Luang is easily reachable, is it within walking distance between the Skytrain station Onnut and the famous Mae Nak shrine. Sadly I compile the above list to late to drop it a visit as well.

Actually, these seven museums aren't new, I just could not find them when I compiled the original list since they were not indexed within the broken BMA local museum website (which now ceased to work completely). The only website which has anything on these museums is the Local Museum Database, which also includes the opening hours.

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