Monday, April 20, 2009

OTOP fruit wine

This time basically a photo blog kind of posting. The picture shows the label of a bottle of fruit wine, bought at a road-side shop near Mae Sai at the northernmost part of Thailand. The reason why this label fits into the blog is simple - it is one of the many thousands products produced under the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) label, in which each subdistrict creates one or several locally produced products.

The fruit wine (ไวน์ผลไม้) and herb wine (ไวน์สมุนไพร) are the OTOP product of subdistrict Wiang Phang Kham (ตำบลเวียงพางคำ), located in the northeast of the district Mae Sai. As the road to the town Mae Sai and the boundary to Myanmar (Burma) passes through Wiang Phang Kham, the producers have put their sales stands along this road. Sadly I have no photo of these road-side shops, but anyone who has ever driven into rural Thailand must have seen it already.

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