Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shortest terms of provincial governors

In the recent reshuffle of provincial governors a few had been transferred or even retired after just 4 months in office. However, such short terms did occur in the past already, but of course aren't that normal. Yet while working through the lists of province governors to add them into my XML one is outstanding. In Ratchaburi it had three governors within five months - the interesting part of the list reads as follows.
24.นายอุดม บุญประกอบNovember 2nd, 1944December 12th, 1944
25.หลวงนิคมคณารักษ์ (เทียน กำเหนิดเพชร)December 12th, 1944January 15th, 1945
26.นายจรัส ธารีสารFebruary 5th, 1945March 30th, 1945
I noticed similar short terms for the final part of World War II in other provinces, but sadly I don't know what where the actual reasons for the high fluctuation of these government officers at that time.

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