Monday, April 6, 2009

DOLA magazine

The Department of Local Administration (DOLA) has its own monthly magazine named ท้องถิ่นไทย meaning something like "Local Thai". Unlike the similar magazine from DOPA, at least parts of the magazine are downloadable as PDF from the DOLA website.

Though I cannot read much, at least I can recognize some topics by looking at these PDF. So the latest issue online from January 2009 (but mistitled as มกราคม 2551 on the website) includes a report on the city administration of Munich, including a portrait of the mayor Christian Ude (คริสเตียน อูเด). Munich is referred to as เทศบาลนครมิวนิค, and in a later photo one can see the giant ballot papers due to the complicated voting procedures including cumulative voting.

It seems each issue has around 100 pages. The magazine is now in its 5th year, it was started in December 2004. According to the order form it costs 700 Baht per year, and probably not found in the normal bookstores like the normal for-profit magazines.

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