Monday, April 13, 2009

Statue in front of Interior Ministry

Fitting to the current events, here's a photo I made just on Saturday while doing a walking trip after the rainshower ended. The first site I went was the Ministry of the Interior, where I planned to take a photo of the statue of Prince Damrong in front of it. The whole area was like deserted, as the action on that day took place in Pattaya. And just the next day this location came into focus when the red shirt mob tried to lynch the prime minister, who barely escaped through a back exit.

Right now I am Surat Thani, only watching the latest death blow to tourism in Thailand on TV. There are several other blogs giving in-depth coverage of the events, for example Bangkok Pundit, so I don't need to repeat second hand news here. An interesting posting by Rikker in his Word of the Day column is on the word for "state of emergency" (สถานการณ์ฉุกเฉิน). He even compiled the Gazette announcements into a great list, doing something like that I had in my mind shortly during the airport closure last year but then with other works it slipped out. Guess I'll return to it once back at my computer at home, e.g. compiling maps for it.

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Andy good timing I think!