Friday, February 13, 2009

1947 - the year of the Tambon

Up until the subdistrict (Tambon) creation ceased in 1997, in a normal year around 100 new subdistricts were established, a number which slowly decreased when going further into the past. But the year 1947 was a very special one with respect of the subdistricts, as a total of 881 subdistricts were created then in only 11 Royal Gazette announcements. Especially one was very lengthy containing 674 of these on 320 pages (Gazette).

I have come across several interesting and noteworthy details while working through all these, but since it would become a very lengthy posting to write down all at once I will only give the overview and a bit of statistics now and will write some further postings on these creations later. It took me more than a month to process them all.

One thing which I am rather sure about already is the fact that these 881 Tambon were not all created in 1941. In a few cases I had to check with to check for the history of the subdistrict, and when it had the creation year cited there it was up to several years earlier. One case I already wrote about where the new subdistricts already got mentioned in a Gazette announcement in 1943. Another indication of this assumption is the fact that there were almost no subdistrict creations in the time before - only one in both 1940 and 1941, one in 1939, two in 1938, and four in 1936. And these are in fact the only announcements of subdistricts creations before 1947 I have found so far.

In median, the subdistricts were created with 6 villages. I already mentioned the six subdistricts which were created with a single village, and the maximum number of villages of 18 occured three times. The province with most new subdistricts announced in 1947 is Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, a total of 58 subdistricts. As the province today has 209 subdistricts, this means 25% of the modern day subdistricts were announced in 1947.

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