Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 Population data down to tambon level

Yesterday I mentioned it to be coming soon, now it is available online - the population data down to subdistrict level for 2008.

I am still working through the provinces to check which of the new municipalities is included and update my XMLs accordingly, as these population data is the only way to guess the geocode for those municipalities. For the central and southern provinces the new municipalities of 2007 are included - most of these were missing in the 2007 data -, while those created in this year are nearly all missing.


Anonymous said...

Great Data - but place names on my computer are coming up wrong... neither roman or thai text? Anything I can do

Andy said...

You have to set the encoding to Windows 874 (or TIS 620), because the webpages don't state the encoding in the HTML. A Thai OS will have the Thai 8bit encoding as default, so only Farang will notice this flaw.

To set the encoding in Firefox - in the menu choose View->Character Encoding. If it does not show either of the two already there, they are found in More Encoding->SE & SW Asia. For IE the way to change it is similar.