Thursday, February 26, 2009

Headmen salary increase - Update

The Nation published another article on the salary increase for the headmen since now a 100% rise in two steps is approved by the cabinet. The reason why I write on this the second time is simply that with this article comes a table with all the posts concerned and their current (and proposed) salary.

Adding to that table the Thai names for these posts it is like follows:
EnglishThaiRomanized ThaiSalary
Subdistrict headmanกำนันKamnan฿ 5,000
Village headmanผู้ใหญ่บ้านPhu Yai Ban฿ 4,000
Subdistrict doctorแพทย์ประจำตำบลPhaet Pracham Tambon฿ 2,500
Deputy subdistrict headmanสารวัตรกำนันSanwat Kamnan฿ 2,500
Deputy village headmanผู้ช่วยผู้ใหญ่บ้านPhu Chuai Phu Yai Ban฿ 2,500
The whole measure will cost the government 10 million Baht, as a total of 270,000 officials will get a raise. As there are nearly 75,000 administrative villages and 7,255 subdistricts (as of December 2007), and ignoring the fact that some of these entities don't have a headman anymore because they belong to a town or city municipality, this number means there are in medium 3 officials per entity. So there must be usually two deputy (assistant) village headmen.

I am not sure what The Nation means by "According to the salary revised on April 1, 2006" - it cannot mean that the last raise was in 2006 since Bangkok Post says that there was no raise for a decade.

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