Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Subdistrict boundary specification in Samut Sakhon

Published on Friday already was a Royal Gazette announcement regarding the areas of the subdistricts in Mueang Samut Sakhon district. On 34 pages, it lists all the 18 subdistricts with their boundary in north, east, south, and west direction. Except for the three subdistricts which form the city of Samut Sakhon itself also all the muban are listed with their names, a total of 116 administrative villages. So one more district where I could add a complete and authoritative list of muban into my XMLs.

That map I created in 2006 for the Wikipedia article, I guess it is still correct enough as this announcement probably only adjusted the boundaries minimally. The numbers in the map are simply the geocodes of the subdistricts, numbers one to three are those which form the city of Samut Sakhon.

While updating the Wikipedia article on the district, I also noticed that somehow I omitted two of the TAO upgraded to municipalities in 2007, Bang Ya Phraek and Tha Chin, in my speadsheet.

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