Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Subdistrict boundary specification in Kanchanaburi

Another district gets an update on the boundaries of the subdistricts, this time Phanom Thuan in Kanchanaburi. Approved for publication on July 29 2008 already and now published on February 17, the announcement lists 7 subdistricts with their administrative villages. Only the subdistrict Phang Tru is omitted in this list however.

Filling in this missing subdistrict from the XLS file, made public by DOPA to compile a village list, the district is subdivided like this.
 1.Phanom Thuanพนมทวน 9
 2.Nong Rongหนองโรง17
 3.Thung Samoทุ่งสมอ 4
 4.Don Chediดอนเจดีย์ 8
 5.Phang Truพังตรุ20
 6.Rang Waiรางหวาย23
11.Nong Saraiหนองสาหร่าย 9
12.Don Ta Phetดอนตาเพชร13
The missing geocodes belong to those subdistricts which now form the district Huai Krachao and were split off in 1994.

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