Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Muang conspiracy

There's a new political blog I only discovered because the author has made his readership of my blog public. Named "The Muang Conspiracy" it won't be on the current political chaos in Thailand, or commenting news on other current issues, but instead the author intends to post and discuss radical political ideas.

One of the ideas he already presented is to implement more decentralization, not just at the grassroot level as it is now with the TAO and municipalities, but also on a regional level by resurrecting the Monthon. Basically the same which was suggested some time ago by Khun Wisarut in the 2bangkok forum. But recalling how harsh PM Samak silenced his Interior Minister in January when he thought loudly solving the insurgency in the Pattani region by giving the area a regional autonomy it seems the current national politicians are not willing to give away any power (or might I say chances to grab money by corruption) to regions.

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