Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy birthday Blog

Today this blog celebrates it's first anniversary, and surprisingly I haven't quickly run out of topics to write about but instead found several new interesting things while researching for postings, always having several new postings almost ready for publication. I am now well above 200 postings, and have a posting nearly every day, while in the beginning I thought once a week would be a lot already. Sadly I did not (yet) succeed with my prime objective of this blog - getting feedback on those things I have run into problems, or maybe even find a insider contact able and willing to explain me things about the administrative structure. But in the access statistics I can see that occasionally Google brings someone to this blog who then spends quite some time reading several pages, and though hardly any reader gives any feedback I guess that what I put here has actually helped a few people researching these rather specific topics. And sometimes the search requests which led those readers to my blog give me ideas for new postings.

I can only invite every reader to give me feedback, a simple "Thank you, exactly what I searched for", or "can you explain more on ..." are welcome already, but of course comments like "... is wrong, correct would be ..." or even a "I can answer the question you raised, it is ..." would be the best. If you have topics I haven't written about but you think would fit into this blog, I am always open for your suggestions, often researching something which looks trivial at first turns out to yield a lot of interesting new stuff with time. If you don't like to do a public comment, you can always email me as well (the address is on my blogger profile). Or just click on the rating stars, so I know which topics or postings I should do more. Also, other bloggers referring to me giving my blog a higher authority in technorati are welcome, as well as other links for a higher Google rank.

Though I doubt there'd be anyone, but in case you are a programmer, or you are able to write XML and read some Thai, I can always use help in the coding project, which among other things should finally make it possible to easily access all announcements relevant to a specific entity.

Of course I am also curious who my regular readers are, and especially why they follow a blog on such a technical topic. From the access statistics I can estimate that there are around 10 to 20 regular readers using their web browser, and another 20 reading the RSS feed directly. If you have an account of blogspot, you can also become a follower of this blog, making your readership public.


Manop said...

Happy birthday (to your blog) too :)

Andy said...

My birthday will be next year - I'll post my book wishlist early enough :-)